“America is back!” Biden assembled a team from former Obama administration members

According to The Guardian, the foreign policy priorities in the first days of the Biden administration will be to rejoin the treaties and agreements from which Donald Trump came out

Joseph Biden, 46th US President Elect, presented candidates for a number of key positions in his future administration on Tuesday. If approved by the Senate, these people will have to develop US foreign policy and ensure national security in the near future. However, this is not the first time for them, they have been doing this for as long as four years.

As The Atlantic magazine has written, “even old business cards may not change” – it is enough to correct one or two words with a marker. Indeed, the current candidate for Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, was the First Deputy Foreign Minister of the United States in the Barack Obama administration. He then headed the State Department, John Kerry, who has now agreed to become the President’s special representative for climate issues. His former Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, is now nominated to the post of US Ambassador to the UN. By the way, it is expected that under Biden this position will be returned to the level of a member of the presidential cabinet.

The Assistant to the President for National Security (the position does not require approval in the Senate) will be Jake Sullivan, who performed similar duties in Biden’s office when he was Vice President. The leadership of the Ministry of Homeland Security is to be trusted to Alejandro Mayorcas, who previously worked for the Ministry as Deputy Minister. The chance to become the first woman director of U.S. National Intelligence was given to Euril Haines, who under Obama was first deputy director of the CIA and then deputy assistant to the president for national security.

According to US media forecasts, former Deputy Defense Secretary for Political Affairs Michelle Flornoe will be nominated for head of the Pentagon, and former Federal Reserve Chairman (Central Bank) Janet Yellen will be nominated for the post of Finance Secretary.