Trump’s headquarters will continue the litigation despite the state election results being certified

Americans need to be confident that the final results are legal and fair, said Jenna Ellis, legal adviser at the Republican campaign headquarters

Lawyers of the current US President Donald Trump intend to continue litigation despite the process of certification of election results by state authorities. This follows from a statement that was posted on Twitter on Monday by Jenna Ellis, legal advisor to the Republican campaign headquarters.

“Certification by state officials is simply a procedural step. We will continue to fight electoral fraud across the country as we fight to count all legal votes. Americans need to be confident that the final results are legal and fair”, –  the document says.

The statement was released shortly after the Michigan State Counting Commission (16 votes) certified the results of the Michigan State presidential election, according to which Democrat Joseph Biden won.

The general election in the USA was held on 3 November. According to estimates by leading American media, Biden won the support of more than 270 voters, whose votes are necessary for him to defeat Trump in the fight for the post of head of state. Biden announced that he had won the election. Trump, who was running for a second term, did not admit defeat and announced his decision to go to the courts regarding the counting of votes because he believed that there had been numerous violations during the election by the Democrats.

Until 23 November, state authorities must count the ballots sent by mail, including those sent by Americans who were outside the country. Voting results must be approved for each state by 12 December. On 14 December, members of the electoral college must cast their votes. On 6 January 2021, a joint meeting of both houses of Congress must approve the voting results of the Electoral College, and the inauguration ceremony of the President-elect will take place on 20 January.