Trump emphasised that the decision to transfer power does not mean that he accepts the results of the elections

The Head of State reminded that he believes that the elections were the most corrupt in the history of American politics

The decision taken by the General Administration Office  to begin the process of transferring power to the Democratic Party candidate Joseph Biden does not mean that US President Donald Trump has accepted the results of the last election. The American leader posted a statement to this effect on Twitter on 23 November.

“What does the GAO’s permission to work provisionally with democrats have to do with continuing our various court cases regarding what will be remembered as the most corrupt elections in the history of American politics? We are moving at full speed”, –  Trump wrote.

Earlier on Monday, CNN reported that the GAO had informed Biden that they were ready to start the process of transferring presidential power in the country. Under U.S. law, it is up to the head of this office to issue an official opinion on who is the elected president. Trump, in turn, recommended that the head of the GAO, Emily Murphy, as well as members of his administration, “do what is necessary” regarding the initial transfer procedures. The Republican thus essentially ordered the process of transferring power to Biden to begin.