The United States is lobbying for the “extension” of the Schengen visa to Navalny

In the experts’ opinion, these actions do not imply his return.

США лоббируют "продление" Шенгенской визы Навальному

Alexei Mukhin, General Director of the Centre for Political Information, noted on his Facebook page that for some reason it was not the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, but the Senate was considering the “extension” of the Navalnoe Schengen visa.

“It seems that he may be given something much more: a residence permit or citizenship. As a ‘Ukrainian’ with German roots, it seems”, –  Muhin writes.

In the expert’s opinion, these actions do not imply his return. And that means that the whole story was, more and more likely, a loudly organised action to take out (evacuate) a foreign agent.

“And Navalny’s team was just a massacre in this incident. Unfortunately for them, some European politicians were also an extravaganza. I wonder how they are feeling now”, –  Muhin asks.