The Head of the French Ministry of the Interior commissioned an inspection in connection with the dispersal of a tent camp in Paris

On 23 November, the Paris police dismantled about 500 tents set up by migrants in the Republic Square.

The French Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, has ordered a check after the publication on the Internet of the dispersal of the migrant tent camp in Place de la République in Paris on Tuesday night.

“Some of the footage of the dispersal of the illegal migrants’ camp on Republic Square is shocking. I asked the prefect of police to prepare a detailed report on what happened by noon [Tuesday]. I will make a decision after I receive it”, –  the minister wrote on his Twitter page.

On Monday evening, the Paris police dismantled around 500 tents set up by migrants in Republic Square. The demonstrators thus wanted to draw attention to their plight following the dismantling of their tent camp in the suburb of Saint-Denis to the north of the French capital, where the Interior Ministry estimates that there were around 4,000 people living. Most refugees were accommodated in temporary centres, while the fate of around one thousand people remained unresolved. In the run-up to the action, the organisers issued a statement calling on the authorities to “provide places for the immediate accommodation of these migrants and establish a system for the permanent reception of refugees”.

At the same time, on Tuesday night, the TV channels showed widely distributed videos on social networks in which police officers dispersed migrants in rough uniforms, breaking up tents and using batons. The author of one of the videos captured the moment when a police officer tripped a demonstrator who came out of the cordon and fell to the ground.


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