Russian observers recorded 33 new shootings in Syria

A newsletter of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on the implementation of the Memorandum on the creation of de-escalation zones as of November 24, 2020 was published

As part of the implementation of the Memorandum on the establishment of de-escalation zones in the Syrian Arab Republic signed by the Russian Federation, the Republic of Turkey and the Islamic Republic of Iran on 4 May 2017, the monitoring teams continue to monitor compliance with the ceasefire.

As agreed between the Russian and Turkish sides, a cessation of hostilities regime is in force in the Idlib Escalation Zone from 00.01 to 6 March 2020.

The Russian part of the representative office of the joint Russian-Turkish commission for the review of issues related to violations of the ceasefire has recorded 33 cases of the opening of fire (33 of which, according to the Syrian side, are 33) in the following provinces: Idlib 18, Aleppo 4, Latakia 9 and Hama 2.