Media: Washington demands Zelensky break up with Kolomoiskiy

In the coming days, Vladimir Zelensky will gather the “SN” faction to persuade MPs to vote for all IMF beacons and implement a fully signed programme.

As reports, on his Facebook page the chief editor Yuri Butusov wrote that President Zelensky is considering options for breaking off relations with oligarch Igor Kolomoiskiy. The decision on Kolomoiskiy is the main political demand of US representatives to the President of Ukraine.

“Timofey Milovanov became an adviser to the OP and made a responsible decision. He was the first one among Vladimir Zelensky’s employees to publicly say something that the president did not want to believe – there will be no IMF loan this year. There will not even be a small loan, for which Zelensky still has hopes. And here we cannot disagree more with Milovanov, it is a realistic view. In the coming days, Zelensky will gather a faction to convince his deputies to vote for all IMF beacons, and to implement a fully-signed program. In this case, after the New Year, and probably already after the inauguration of the new US President, the IMF directors will be able to consider the situation in Ukraine and make a decision”, –  said Butusov.