Apple’s head of security is accused of attempted bribery

Thomas Moyer is charged with attempting to bribe police officers for helping them obtain permits to carry a concealed weapon.

The Santa Clara County Attorney’s Office in California has filed charges against Thomas Moyer, Apple’s head of security, for attempting to bribe police officers to help them obtain permits to carry a concealed weapon. This was reported on Monday on the county administration website.

“Deputy Sheriff Rick Soong, 48, and Captain James Jensen, 43, are charged with extorting bribes for permits to carry a concealed weapon, insurance agent Harpriet Chadha, 49, and Apple Security Chief Thomas Moyer, 50, are charged with offering bribes for their [permits]”, –  the document says.

In the course of the investigation, the prosecutor’s office was able to establish that the aforementioned law enforcement officers were deliberately delaying the issuance of permits and, in exchange for speeding up the process, were able to obtain Moyer’s promise in 2019 to supply the sheriff’s office with about 200 iPads worth an estimated $70,000. In turn, Chadha’s insurance agent, for his license, was supposed to get tickets to an NHL San Jose Sharks hockey game. The deal went bust after Soong and Moyer found out about the search in the sheriff’s office.

“Deputy Soong and Captain Jensen looked at the permits for concealed weapon carrying as a trade item and found buyers for it. Those who extort bribes should be reported to the county attorney’s office, not encouraged by their consent”, –  said District Attorney Jeff Rosen in a press release.