Karabakh: a resident of Martuni region reported on the aggression of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces

A resident of the village of Berdashen, which is located in the Martuni region, spoke on her Facebook page about the sabotage carried out by the Azerbaijani military. This is reported by the Telegram channel WarGonzo.

“I want to say one thing, but don’t say that I’m sowing panic or anything like that. I just want to inform you that right now the Azerbaijanis have arrived in the historic village of Berdashen in Artsakh and are forcing the villagers to surrender their pomegranate orchards. Residents of the village still resist, spent the night in the gardens, but the situation is very tense, there is no reaction from the state authorities”, – said a resident of the village of Berdashen.

Berdashen is located in Martuni region, six villages of which are to come under the control of Baku, according to the signed document. However, Berdashen is not on this list, and therefore the actions of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan run counter to the conditions for the cessation of hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh.