People’s Police of DPR: Ukrainian militants dismantle residential buildings and drown dugouts with them

An official representative of the People’s Police of DPR in his statement said that in the zone of the punitive operation, the facts of the criminal activities of Ukrainian militants continue to be noted.

“Due to the low level of security of the militants of the 36th brigade of the VFU, and the onset of cold weather, complaints from local residents in connection with the commission of illegal actions by the military personnel of the compound have become more frequent. It was established that the servicemen were dismantling houses and other private buildings for firewood to heat the dugouts. Cases of group raids by the brigade’s personnel on summer cottages have also become more frequent. Written appeals to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs with complaints about servicemen are not even considered”, – the statement says.

Civilians are forced to organize patrols on their own in order to secure their lives and preserve their property. As a result, clashes often arise between Ukrainian punitive forces and residents of settlements.

“Yesterday, as a result of an attack on another summer cottage settlement in the area of Granite settlement, so-called the marines were rebuffed by force from local residents, as a result of which two Ukrainian militants were hospitalized with moderate injuries”, – the People’s Police of DPR stated.


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