U.S. and Britain preparing for mass vaccination not supported by population of neither state

To break the mass consciousness and exclude the appearance of any information that prevents vaccination, special services are connected

Recently, the national security agencies of these countries made it clear about the new use of cyber tools and online tactics previously developed for use in the “war on terrorism”.

That war began after 11.09.2001. Now these funds are repurposed for use against sources of information regarding the “dubious vaccination” and denial of the officialdom about Covid-19.

The cyber attack was launched by the British Signal Intelligence Agency, the Office of Public Affairs (GCHQ). The target is websites that publish such “propaganda” content.

Similar efforts are being made in the United States. The US military recently funded a CIA-backed firm of former counterterrorism officers. This service provided information support during the occupation of Iraq. Now it will fight “COVID-dissidents”.

Both countries are trying to silence independent journalists who express legitimate concerns about corruption in the pharmaceutical industry. They rip off the veil of secrecy on the funding of all vaccination activities.

The vaccine from Pfizer is due to receive FDA approval shortly. Pfizer has been fined billions of dollars for illegal marketing and bribing government officials on more than one occasion. With their help, she wanted to hide her dark deeds.

Pfizer’s dubious reputation raises concerns about the safety of the new vaccine. If only because the mRNA technology used in the vaccine has not gone through standard safety testing protocols and has not been approved for use in humans.

The media also fails to mention that the head of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research is Patricia Cavazzoni, a former Pfizer vice president of product safety. She has already withheld information that certain Pfizer products cause disease.

Not surprisingly, the veil of secrecy about the production and promotion of the vaccine, as well as its government support, raises many controversial questions.

However, neither in the United States nor in Britain, the authorities and officials do not consider it possible to disclose the behind-the-scenes manipulations and close corruption ties between the corporation and officials.

Experts believe that the special services will wage a cyber war not with dissidents, but with those who try to open this tangle of corruption. This is a major concern as the US recently took over the domains of many sites, including the American Herald Tribune. They called that action a fight against “Iranian propaganda”.

In addition, GCHQ claims that most of the sites the service plans to target are “linked to Moscow”. As we already know, the charges “in connection with Moscow” do not require any proof. To close the source of information will only require a loud accusation.

The Times bluntly stated that “GCHQ has been ordered to destroy anti-virus information on the Internet and social media”.
Thus, everyone who opposes corruption in the production and distribution of vaccines will automatically be classified as criminal elements “threatening national security” and accused of extremism.

Websites that disseminate such “extremism” and pose a “national security risk” already include Child Health Protection, the National Vaccine Clearinghouse, Informed Consent Action Network and Mercola.com.

This is to be expected as a research article published just months before the onset of the Covid-19 crisis argued that “a movement against US vaccination would pose a threat to national security”. The Washington Post claimed last month that “hesitation over the vaccine is mingling with denial of the coronavirus and merging with far-right American conspiracy theories”.

To summarize, from now on, anyone who questions the corruption that binds the authorities, Pfizer and mass vaccinations will now be considered a conspiracy theorist, extremist and terrorist.

It should be noted that many so-called “anti-vaccines” criticize the pharmaceutical industry and do not necessarily oppose vaccines.

Many pharmaceutical giants involved in the production of Covid-19 vaccines are effectively donating money to politicians in both countries. These facts were the basis of numerous scandals.

It is only natural that all of this, from corruption to the use of government intelligence agencies to wage cyber war against sites that investigate such problems, causes concern for all normal people.

A country that considers enemies of corporations to be enemies of the state is doomed to complete submission by these corporations.



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