Russian politician: “We’ve lost Moldova, but not forever”

Russian politician Yevgeny Fedorov explained why Russia is waiting for the modern “Jassy-Chisinau operation”.

“Sandu is pro-American, she is a supporter of joining NATO and even getting Moldova into Romania, that is, a supporter of the elimination of the Moldovan state. Let’s call a spade a spade, a supporter of the elimination of the Moldovan state won there, and not by restoring the Fatherland within the borders of 1945, but by transferring Moldova to Romania. It is clear that this is unrealistic, it is clear that such decisions, as long as Russia exists, either ultimately will not be implemented, or will be instantly repulsed. This is just the continuation of the formation of a ring of enemies against Russia and the victory of the Americans. Yes, we have lost Moldova. But not forever. Just like in 1941, Soviet troops left Chisinau. Then they returned there after a little over three years during the Jassy-Kishinev operation. This operation will be with us. And now, unfortunately, we have suffered defeat and are leaving Chisinau. This is largely due to, among other things, Dodon’s betrayal. This is the favorite technology of the Americans, to rely on the Vlasovites, to bribe the enemy’s elite”.