Russian peacekeepers begin delivering water to residents of Karabakh

The peacekeeping mission of Russia began to provide humanitarian assistance to the population of Karabakh, delivering water to three settlements of the Askeran region, where wells dried up. This was stated by an officer of the food department, Major Dmitry Pashkin.

“The peacekeeping forces are designed not only to contain the conflicting parties, but also to provide assistance to the local population. Our command has received an appeal from the Askeran district administration regarding the lack of clean drinking water. That is why we are here, we came to help. This is not a one-time action, we will systematically help the local population in the supply of clean drinking water”, – Pashkin said.

The mission explained that now water is delivered to three settlements of the Askeran region.

“All the wells are dry. Now water is worth its weight in gold. This is a very important help”, – said a representative of the local water utility.