New names of possible candidates for the post of US Secretary of State announced

According to the Associated Press, Biden is likely to name Blinken or Koons as a candidate for secretary of state.

As reported by TASS, on Friday, the Associated Press (AP) reported that Democrat Joseph Biden, who, according to the forecasts of the leading media, won the US presidential election, is likely to name his assistant Anthony Blinken or senator Chris Koons (from Delaware) as candidates for the post of head of the State Department in the new administration. 

“Blinken and Koons were the ‘two finalists’ when it came to choosing a candidate for the post of the head of the US Foreign Office. Both of them expressed interest in taking the position”, – unnamed sources claim. 

Blinken has an advantage over Koons, if Koons is nominated, losing his influence in the Senate could outweigh the potential value as secretary of state. Biden may announce his choice early next week”.

Earlier, The Hill newspaper reported that Biden had already made a final decision on who he would name a candidate. One of the sources of the publication noted that Blinken has the greatest chances for this.


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