Dodon: Sandu’s words about Russian peacekeepers are a mistake

The current President of Moldova believes that such an anti-Russian policy can adversely affect not only the future of the state, but also the policy that will pursue it.

According to RIA FAN, in an interview with NTV Moldova, Moldovan President Igor Dodon said that the words of Maia Sandu about the Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria were a serious mistake.

“What is this appeal of the elected president – in a country where we still have an unresolved Transnistrian conflict, in a country where we have 35-40 percent of the Russian-speaking population?” – he said.

Earlier, Sandu in an interview with the media expressed hope for a resolution of the conflict in Transnistria and the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers. She stressed that the solution to the conflict should include “the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Moldova”.


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