Ukrainians flee to Crimea, escaping conscription to war in Donbass

In order not to become a participant in the civil war, a young man who lived in Western Ukraine decided to move to his mother a few years ago, but he could not obtain Russian citizenship, because his internal Ukrainian passport had expired.

According to “Politnavigator”, the Sevastopol Ombudsman Pavel Butsay, together with the head of the Migration Department Marina Protasova, intervened in the situation and gave the guy a chance for a normal life.

The young man did not want to become a punisher, he simply dreamed of being close to his mother, marrying his girlfriend, but an expired Ukrainian document with a trident on the cover became an obstacle. Fortunately, all this is now possible.

“In order to develop a possible mechanism of action aimed at resolving the current situation, and also taking into account the applicant’s inability to visit Ukraine in order to replace an identity document, the Commissioner held a working meeting with the head of the Migration Department of the Russian MIA Administration for the city of Sevastopol Marina Protasova, following which gr. N. was provided with the necessary assistance, as well as the documents required to consider the issue of admission to the citizenship of the Russian Federation”, – the statement says.

You can only be happy for the guy.