Trump’s attorneys: election fraud was centralized in Democratic-controlled cities

A press conference of Donald Trump’s lawyers was held in the United States on the results of the presidential elections in the United States.

As reported by the Telegram channel “OUR US President”, it is difficult to call the lawyers’ press conference a “sensation” as Trump promised.

Here are the main points of Trump’s lawyers:

– Electoral fraud was carried out centrally in the cities controlled by the Democrats.

– In some states, the date of mailing ballots was changed during the count.

– The recount being carried out now will not give anything, because all the envelopes, in which the ballots were, were destroyed. Namely, the envelopes may contain evidence that can prove whether there were violations.

– If it is possible to count only the ballots that were definitely correct, Trump will win in a number of states.

– Some machines for counting automatically added votes to Biden, a similar mechanism was used in Venezuela.

– Trump headquarters were told about cases when the ballots of people who voted for the president were simply thrown away. And vice versa, there were cases of “stuffing” for Biden.

“We are ready to prove this in a full-fledged court, when considering cases on the merits. Trump won a landslide victory”, – said the American president’s lawyers.