American Sitz-president

The fact that “the proclaimed winner of the US presidential elections” (we use this wording), as they say, was “pulled by the ears”, using all imaginable and previously unthinkable methods, launching Maidan technologies, trampled down the rules of the political game that had been formed in the United States for centuries, can already be considered general place

At first glance, this is due solely to the personality of the “non-systemic” still incumbent US president, to the fact that most of the American elite, the notorious deep state, considered it necessary to get rid of him at any cost.

However, in this case, the personality of Donald Trump’s rival would not be of fundamental importance, or rather, his opponents would be extremely interested in nominating the most powerful, charismatic figure. Joe Biden, a really strong, authoritative politician in the past, a senator with 35 years of experience (became a senator at the age of 30, the minimum age in the United States to become a senator; elected shortly before his 30th birthday), vice president, and by no means nominal, as it often happened, now it can not be called such – the gradual disintegration of his personality caused by dementia is visible to the naked eye.

His constant bloopers (a person cannot remember who his closest relatives are, forgets where he is running) did not add pre-election points to Biden, and it is obvious to everyone that there will be no “remission” – his condition will only get worse in a year or two he will finally lose his real capacity.

All the more, it is clear that the 82-year-old by that time Biden will not run for a second term, and after all, in the history of the United States, candidates have always gone to elections with the expectation of staying in the White House for eight years, and the elites who nominated them were guided by this. Historical experience shows that the overwhelming majority of incumbent presidents are re-elected, while incumbent vice presidents managed to “go up” only three times. In our memory, George W. Bush was able to win on the wave of popularity of Ronald Reagan, and the other two cases date back to the first decades of the US existence.

Biden’s “phenomenon” cannot be explained by his popularity: he was promoted as the main candidate for nomination from the Democratic Party practically from the moment Hillary Clinton lost in the last elections, and when he failed in the first primaries, the entire “administrative resource” was used in order to convince his rivals to withdraw their candidacy… There was enough evidence and outright rigging of the Democratic primary against Biden’s main rival, Bernie Sanders. In general, machinations and falsifications accompanied Joe Biden’s entire path to the presidency.

The meaning of the combination in which a person who is able to rule only nominally is being pushed to the top of power is quite obvious, moreover, in this case it was a question of a candidate, for which, for “natural” reasons, one should not be afraid that, having settled in a new place, he  will turn from a nominal leader into a real one, roughly speaking, sending away those who brought him to power.

Such cases are the rule rather than the exception in history. The closest example is the insignificant Zelensky, who nevertheless managed to get rid of the influence of Igor Kolomoisky in a year, finding himself other “general partners” (the case when the king is played by the retinue, but even the extremely weak king chooses the retinue).

Therefore, in the opinion of many, the elected vice-president Kamala Harris should become the real leader of the United States, and in a fairly near future and de jure, but there are many questions on this score. The ex-California attorney became a federal politician four years ago, becoming a senator and gaining a reputation as a rising star of the Democratic Party, even announced her intention to run for president. But her rating among Democratic supporters was only three percent, and she withdrew the candidacy in favor of Biden even before the start of the primaries.

The similarity of her “profile” with Barack Obama, also from a young senator little-known to the general public, who became US President, is striking. Both are of African descent, but are not ethnic African American: there are no slaves of the American South among their ancestors, they are descendants of immigrants only in the second generation, which is also an unprecedented thing in American history. The ancestors of all previous presidents and vice presidents have lived in the United States for at least a century.

Apparently, the “symbiosis” of Negro blood with “fresh” immigrant roots was considered very “political technology”, allowing to attract the votes of two very significant groups of American voters. Everyone understands that background, not personal talent, was the key factor in ensuring their dizzying career.

In any case, Kamala Harris still has to work hard to become a truly serious political figure. The difficulty lies in the fact that the Vice President of the United States is a position with very vague powers and by itself practically does not give any leverage.

Joe Biden in his best years was a strong vice president thanks to his experience and authority, moreover, it is believed that he was nominated to help the inexperienced in international affairs at the time of the election of Barack Obama, but, for example, Den Quayle, vice president at George Bush turned out to be a very weak figure.

In tandem with the uncharismatic Bush, the young politician was hired in order to attract the voices of young people, but he did not live up to his hopes in office. It is believed that the fact that Bush refused to change his “partner” before the re-election, although he was advised by many, was one of the reasons for his defeat, especially against the background of the health problems of the 41st US President (Americans were afraid to see Quayle in the Oval Office).

In any case, as long as Joe Biden is able to put a squiggle on the document and make a short speech on the cheat sheet, it will not be Kamala Harris who will determine US policy, but the people who will put these pieces of paper in the president’s hands. Harris will have to play by their rules.

And here we come to the main question: who are these people? The term “deep state” is already imposed in the teeth, but one must take into account that the Anonymous Fathers existed only on the planet Saraksh in the novel by the Strugatsky brothers. In the history of earthly civilization, I do not remember any cases of anonymous power. All the “gray cardinals” were well known to the public, especially when they were not the right hand of a strong ruler, but actually ruled behind the back of a weak one.

Also, real power has never remained collective. In any ruling group, if not immediately, then over time, a leader was designated, subjugating or eliminating all competing comrades-in-arms. For example, this quickly ended the collective leadership following the deaths of the Soviet leaders Lenin and Stalin.

Leonid Brezhnev was proclaimed “the first” at once and quickly enough got rid of those who considered him “the first among equals”, all the more a temporary figure. And his successors were perceived by everyone, including his closest associates, as leaders by the very fact of their election – the tradition was formed.

Therefore, it is very wrong to perceive the American “deep state” as a vast community, with hundreds, if not thousands of members, that “collectively” makes and implements decisions that determine the policy of the only superpower so far.

Yes, such a “state” exists, but it cannot but have its own “Central Committee”, its “Politburo”, even if these are not formal in nature and it is extremely unlikely that there is no “General Secretary”, and this is an unknown Washington clerk, but a fairly well-known figure.

And you don’t need to look for such a figure for a long time – it’s George Soros. I will note that many supporters of conspiracy theories consider it a screen of some secret demiurges, but for the reasons indicated above, this is unrealistic. He, a successful and undoubtedly talented financial speculator, for the sake of his own profit, brought down the economy of entire macroregions, having amassed capital (by the way, relatively modest, now his fortune is estimated at $8 billion), he aimed at more – almost changing the course of human history.

It should be noted that such carriers of “overvalued ideas” are by no means uncommon, in the end it was not financial interests that brought Donald Trump to the White House. Soros’s secret is that, realizing the specifics of our era and “creatively reworking” the slogan of another leader “cadres decide everything”, he directed his resources to “educational” activities in all parts of the world, educating and promoting then the cadres he needed, forming the elite of many states, including ultimately the United States (it is clear that this is a very simplified diagram of its influence).

As befits an ambitious person, Soros is not at all shy about this role, but he himself is not allowed to run for president, firstly, American laws (as a naturalized citizen), and many other factors, including a very old age.

The latter must be specially mentioned. He understands that there is not long left, but, as usual, he wants to do a lot.

Therefore, a “unconscious” president was needed in a campaign with a “raw” and low-power vice-president, so that they could not be arbitrary. And Trump, by the way, turned out to be a convenient adversary, allowing the entire “deep state” to be mobilized against him, in which many are certainly not enthusiastic about Soros and his influence.

And what surprises “in the end” George Soros is preparing for the world, one can only guess.

Dmitry Slavsky, IA Alternative