The Thai Prime Minister threatened to use all available laws against the protesters

The government and security services need to step up their work, said Chang-Ocha Rule

Thai Prime Minister Praet Chan Ocha has threatened to use all available laws and measures against anti-government demonstrators who are exacerbating an already crisis situation, despite the government’s sincerity in resolving it. This was said in a statement issued by the official on Thursday.

“At present, the situation is still not resolved in the right direction and tends to develop towards conflicts that lead to even more violence”, –  said the Prime Minister. – “If this continues, it could harm the beloved nation and its institutions, as well as peace and security of life.  – “The government and the security services need to step up their work by ensuring that every paragraph of all laws are respected”, –  he added. According to him, “actions taken against protesters who violate the law by ignoring the rights and freedoms of others will be prosecuted in accordance with national legal proceedings and international principles.”

The day before, protesters painted the gate and fence of the Capital City Police Headquarters, where the police barricaded themselves. This happened against the backdrop of a vote on seven bills to amend the constitution, of which two – proposed by the current government and the opposition party “For Thais” – were supported by parliamentarians. The police department’s action was a response to the use of water cannons mixed with tear gas by law enforcement agencies against demonstrators. On 17 November, a rally near the legislature turned into a confrontation between demonstrators and police officers, which affected 55 people.

Demonstrations in Thailand have been taking place almost every day since 14 October, which marked the anniversary of the 1973 student uprising. The coordinators have promised to continue until their demands are met – the resignation of the Prime Minister, a constitutional change and reform of the monarchy. On 21 October, the protesters arrived at Government House and handed over a statement to the police demanding the Prime Minister’s resignation, which had to be signed within three days, but the head of the Cabinet ignored it.


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