The British will be the first to pass the mass impoverishment test

The standards of living of the “Golden Billion” are unbridledly rolling down a mountain.

Soon, for the British, a car will no longer be just a means of transportation. Clothes, shoes, medicine and heating may fall into the luxury category.

All of this is to blame for the fight against global warming, which threatens to become more terrible than all natural disasters combined. The fight will be tried in the United Kingdom – in the “Petri dish of the civilised world”, as the country was nicknamed in the series “Sherlock”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be announcing his plan to “fight climate change” the other day. The aim is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere to zero. The environmentally conscious public expects Johnson to ban all production and purchase of cars using gasoline and diesel as early as 2030.

According to the dogma of radical environmentalists, industrial production remaining in Britain should also be covered, and all imports from countries that are not concerned about reducing their carbon footprint should be subject to heavy duties. Home heating should also become environmentally friendly, which for many would simply mean giving up heating.

The fight against warming is in fact a protectionist set of measures designed to curb the economic expansion of countries such as Russia, China and Brazil. But the people of the Golden Billion can also be hit hard.

If such a plan is implemented, the inhabitants of one of the richest countries in the world would be denied access to cheap cars, clothing and shoes at affordable prices, many medicines and foodstuffs, and heating at the same time. An import-dependent country with production that has been destroyed since Margaret Thatcher’s time will be doomed to a shortage of everything, and the British will be forced to move away during World War II, with card products, chicory instead of coffee and black-market stocking.

The added spice of the situation is that Johnson is a patented climate dissident. Just like Trump, he never believed in any global warming and frankly laughed at the hysterics of environmentalists.

“If I sweat playing ping-pong, I won’t blame global warming”, –  he wrote in his newspaper column four years ago.

For some time Brexit gave the British Prime Minister the hope that he would also be able to trade with the EU while avoiding all the restrictions that Europeans are going to impose on their producers. The island was to become an all-European offshore, with its own tax, labour and environmental legislation.

However, the hopes for this did not materialise. In order not to interrupt trade with the EU, the fight against warming will also have to be launched – even if it brings huge economic problems.

Biden’s team came to power in the USA as an additional incentive. It is promoting the Green Deal, which involves the practical destruction of industry and oil and gas in order to throw all resources at clean energy. And despite the frank delirium of this plan in the economic sense, Johnson has to adjust to a senior partner.

Of course, to declare to the subordinate population that they will face privations comparable to those of the military, and under absolutely far-fetched pretext, is similar to any death policy. Johnson clearly does not want to do this. Yesterday he even withdrew to self-isolation under the pretext of coronavirus – although he had already gotten over it this spring and, by his own admission, “just sprayed with antibodies”.

But there is another unobvious problem with “nature protection”. All plans to combat global warming involve national governments giving up many of their powers in favour of various incomprehensible structures.

For example, the prototype of the Johnson plan is the “Climate and Environmental Emergency Bill”. This document, drawn up by radical environmentalists, has been widely publicised in Britain for a year now. It is promoted by a group of activists called Extinction Rebellion – The Rising of the Dying.

The “Dying Out” consist of American oligarchs, including representatives of legendary clans such as Getty and Kennedy.

The main point of the bill is the idea that the British Prime Minister is committed to declaring a national climate emergency and to harmonising his decisions on this issue with the Climate Change Committee. That is, the leader of the nuclear power will have to report to the incomprehensibly appointed and God knows who the funded scientists, public and animal protectors are. I don’t think Johnson would have liked this concept.

The UK Secretary of State, according to the bill, will have to be controlled by a “Citizen’s Assembly” – also a completely new government body formed from environmental activists. The legislative novelties reveal the true essence of all climate suffering – it is, in fact, an attempt to put national leaders under the control of the new structures. And the pretext should be exactly “state of emergency”.

The struggle around climate change has been going on for quite a long time. Initially, it was planned to ban petrol and diesel vehicles by 2050, then by 2040. Her Majesty’s Treasury indicated that there would not be enough money for a full-scale fight against warming. The Climate Change Committee believed that Britain should spend ten times more on the fight than it does now, and that it already had a budget deficit of £400 billion for 2020.

Things started changing rapidly when the Prime Minister fell in love. His chosen one was Carrie Symonds, who had already been nicknamed Queen Carrie by the tabloids. In February the couple announced their engagement, in April Carrie gave birth to Johnson’s son and in July she moved to 10 Downing Street.

Carrie Symonds is a girl from a difficult family. She is the great-granddaughter of the British Prime Minister, daughter of a well-known journalist, friend of the country’s most famous politicians and their wives. She is also a committed ecowomaniac who has devoted her life to the fight for the safety of marine life, the rights of farm animals and against plastic waste.

After her accession to Downing Street, the tabloids nicknamed her Carrie the Queen. Under the influence of a 32-year-old girlfriend, 56-year-old Johnson gave up drinking (during the campaign), lost weight, became a vegan (for a short time) and even got a haircut. Friends of Carry, united in a circle called FOC’s (Friends of Carry), began to get top positions in the state. Her buddy Rishi Sunak became Chancellor of the Treasury. Her ecowomaniacal fellow Zack Goldsmith is now a member of the House of Lords. It is said that the loud resignation of Johnson’s chief advisor, Dominic Cummings, was also at the insistence of Queen Carrie.

Johnson’s difficult political metamorphosis, which has changed from a climate dissident to a warmer, may also have gone well with the influence of his girlfriend.

Interestingly, the future wife of the British Prime Minister works for the charity Vibrant Oceans. The organization is fed by Michael Bloomberg, an American billionaire, owner of the information giant Bloomberg Agency and one of the world’s main lobbyists and sponsors of the fight against global warming.

Discussions that national leaders are controlled by supranational financial structures are usually positioned as cheap conspiracy. However, Johnson shows by personal example how romance and politics, governance and global control, the interests of the American billionaire – and the impoverishment of the British middle class – can intertwine whimsically.

Victoria Nikiforova, RIA