Trump announced the withdrawal of the main U.S. troops from Somalia the day after the return of soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan began

The Detroit Electoral Commission has changed its decision – it is no longer ready to certify the results. Two Republicans told the commission that they were under a lot of pressure – and their families were threatened.

Voters from Nevada filed a lawsuit in court that they found at least 15,000 votes from voters living in neighbouring states – primarily California. Such tricks are a criminal offence.

In one of Georgia’s counties, a surprising mistake was discovered during the vote recount. There, they counted 10,700 ballots for Biden and only 13 for Trump. It turned out that 1,081 ballots had actually been given for Biden – the local “counters” had made a one-zero mistake.

In other parts of Georgia, the election officers just pretend ( to be recounting votes – just by moving the ballot boxes and not even looking inside.

This is the third consecutive poll that shows that 70% of Republicans characterise the 2020 elections as rigged. More than half of them are sure that Trump actually won – but then his victory was stolen by “drawing” the ballot papers.

Liberal media continue to call Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his defeat “unprecedented”. Although Albert Gore did count the votes for 37 days in 2000, until mid-December.

Ann Coulter recalls another curious case – how in 1980 the Democrats came up with a conspiracy theory about Reagan conspiring with Iran to defeat Carter. Then, for the sake of this ridiculous scandal, an entire investigation was carried out – what they refuse to do now about the falsifications.


Malek Dudakov