A military expert spoke about Russia’s nuclear superiority over the USA

Yakov Kedmi, an Israeli military and political expert and former head of the Nativ special service, analysed the possibility of the outbreak of World War III

According to Kedmy, Washington will try to avoid a military confrontation with Russia, as the US can pay a heavy price for this.

“During the Caribbean crisis, when the US had a strategic advantage with a large stockpile of nuclear weapons, Washington abandoned the idea of a nuclear strike against the USSR, knowing that Moscow could launch a retaliatory attack”, –  the expert noted.

According to him, now the situation has changed dramatically. Russia possesses weapons that can destroy the army and military facilities in the USA in the shortest possible time. Russian military complexes have unique characteristics that guarantee the success of the military operation.

“Russia’s capabilities allow it to destroy the United States before the first American missiles reach its territory. Never in history has there been such a strategic advantage for Russia. Even the US did not have this after the war. All kinds of kitchen experts may not understand this, but the Pentagon is well aware of it”, –  concluded the military expert.