What is expected of Biden by those offended by Trump?

China respects the choice of the people of the United States and congratulates Democratic candidate Joseph Biden on winning the presidential election, but is mindful that the results of the will will will be determined in accordance with the law, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

And in this desire to congratulate Biden, China is not alone. The candidate from the Democratic Party, without waiting for the official announcement of the results, hastened to congratulate Venezuela, Iran, the Palestinian Authority and some African countries. Why would they do that? Is there something expected from Biden?

To Joseph Biden, who announced that he had won the presidential election, all those whom Trump had either offended or called enemies at all lined up for congratulations. For example, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro and Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, congratulated the presidential candidate on his victory. And even Iranian President Hassan Rowhani said that Washington could now correct the mistakes of the past. But will Trump Joseph Biden want to correct the mistakes, and can White House policy change so dramatically?

A look at insect life from Iran

Let us start with Rowhani, for example, with the hope that Biden will correct Trump’s errors. Perhaps they are really waiting for the United States to return to the nuclear deal. But it seems that Rowhani is more of a formal logic here: if Democrat Obama, Trump’s predecessor, made a deal that reduced the sanctions pressure on Tehran – Trump canceled that deal – then Biden must return to that deal. But this view is the result of some kind of mechanical evaluation of what is happening in American politics by a person who is not very immersed in American processes.

For many thousands of years of Persian civilization, what is happening in the United States is an insect event. The Iranians look down on them, assess them superficially and do not penetrate much. In principle, the Iranian leadership does not care who is in power in the United States, because in any case it is a “big shaytan”, and nothing has changed in this regard since the Islamic Revolution took place in Iran. Technically, mechanically, it can work – one man made a deal, one man canceled, and one man has to make a deal again. But this does not mean that the Iranian leadership is seriously counting on it.
To build a wall to break down the wall

We all remember when Trump and his entourage put forward what they thought was an incredible plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And he was called the “deal of the century”, and Trump’s plan. But the likelihood that the Democrats would just start destroying everything Trump had built, just as Trump destroyed what his predecessor Obama had done, is extremely high.

The same mechanical logic works here: if Trump clearly sided with Israel and recognized Jerusalem as its capital, then Biden and the Democrats, getting rid of Trump’s legacy, are likely to do the opposite. Which gives Palestine a sort of chance to ease American pressure, a chance to take advantage of the window of opportunity that opened up and roll back everything. For Palestine, the USA is as shaytan as Iran, but the Palestinians have no time for contemplation and philosophical-theological reflection on American approaches. They have a war every day, and if there is any straw that can be used to ease that war, they grab onto it. Even if it is an elderly American democrat who has already stepped one foot in Jahannam.

Turkey and Biden: nothing to look forward to

Now Turkey. In Ankara, congratulating Baiden, they expect the new administration to stop working with terrorist organisations in Syria, Iraq, Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean. Really? That’s who would say so. It should be noted, however, that it was the Democrats who launched the terrorist networks all over the Arab world, the Middle East and North Africa, initiating numerous conflicts. And Trump did not start any.

In principle, Turkey is just as dangerous and unpredictable for Democrats as Trump is for Trump. Especially one that is increasing its influence in the region, trying to participate in many processes. And this is exactly what constitutes a threat to American politics.

All U.S. policy in the region for at least a century now has been aimed at preventing large alliances from forming, big blocs or regional powers from growing. A strong Turkey is therefore a much bigger threat to the US, and no matter who the president, the US will weaken Turkey’s influence in the region.

This means that Turkey will certainly remember the purchase of C-400, which Biden has already said in plain text, and is using the Kurdish factor more actively, which is the main downward factor for Turkey. And the American presence in the region will be much more active than under Trump, who did not have much foreign policy to worry about. He treated it very lightheartedly, lightly. All the processes seemed simple to him, all the complex situations were understandable and easy.

But the democrats, who were more enthusiastic about using soft power, deep influence, creating networks without bending over military coups, like in July 2016, will take Turkey much more seriously. The democrats are destabilising Syria and everywhere Trump tried, but never got away. Trump actually started out by planning to end a series of adventures that his predecessors, the Democrats, had unleashed, were going to withdraw from some regions. On the other hand, he was never allowed to do so by the Democrats, sabotaging his decisions through his agent in all government bodies.
However, Trump had the intention of curtailing the American military presence in some regions. At least he reduced American activity there, which the Turks took advantage of. With the arrival of the Democrats, the American presence will only increase and American terrorists will resume their activity – Syria, Libya and the Arab region in general will be in conflict with renewed force. Here too, Turkey has nothing to hope for under the Democrats, congratulations to Biden or no congratulations.

Decompose the USA from the inside

Another interesting area is Venezuela. But here is where the opposite logic can occur: Nicholas Maduro, a person who is in direct contact with American politics, can assume that the Democrats are the source of decay for the US. And decomposition from the inside, with all their values, with their promotion of same-sex marriage, permissiveness, perversion, demagoguery. And this is exactly at the hand of the US neighbours, who from the status of “backyard”, as Iberoamerica in Washington is called, may well acquire the status of regional powers and strengthen their influence in America as a whole through the internal weakening of the US, destabilization, some kind of self-destruction, which is carried by democrats. And with Biden’s arrival, these internal contradictions, conflicts and decay in American society will only increase, which makes sense to support.

China: America’s crawling in

But the relationship between the US and China under Baiden will not improve, but will become more confusing, with formal goodwill. Biden is more dangerous to China than Trump, with its straightforwardness and parallel perpendicular logic, because under Biden the process of American politics, American values, the system of coordinates in Chinese civilisation, their way of life and perceptions may continue. As a result, the American factor within China will become stronger.

The forces that are pushing China closer to the United States, towards greater openness, towards greater integration of the Chinese economy into the global project will raise their heads. But no longer in Chinese, but in the American economy. And this soft US crawling into China, which was stopped under Trump by the US itself, may well continue, which will have a negative impact on everything if we evaluate its consequences in the long term.

In this respect, the straightforward, tough, rough and blunt Trump was less dangerous for China because it was clear that everything on his mind was what he was saying. The democrats here are more cunning, sophisticated, insidious, and this, of course, is a serious threat to Chinese identity, subjectivity, and even the economy, which could be wrapped up again in the American globalist project, not the one that the Chinese began to build under Trump – independent, sovereign and independent of the United States.

Valery Korovin, VZGLYAD