Two retired vice presidents

The White House is quickly starting to withdraw the remaining troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. The Pentagon plans to leave only 2,500 soldiers there to guard US diplomatic facilities.

Another memory card with “lost” votes has been found in Georgia – again in the majority of Trump supporters.

In California, two Mexicans were detained who had filled out more than 8,000 ballots for homeless people in Los Angeles in local elections. What a sucker – they managed to get caught on such trifles when their “colleagues” in the shop were quietly “drawing” tens of thousands of postal ballots.

The head of the U.S. Federal Election Commission said ( that he believed the words of retired prosecutor Sydney Powell about mass vote swap cases in electronic data bases of Dominion Voting Systems.

The DVS lobbyists were former Chief of Staff Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and former Vice-President Dick Cheney. The latter, by the way, by pure chance became Biden’s advisor – waiting for a return to the ideology of endless wars.

After much debate, the Detroit electoral commission staff did certify the results of the elections in their district. They did, however, call on the state leadership to conduct a vote-counting audit in Detroit due to the high-profile scandals around the “post offices” there.

A Dominion Voting Systems employee in Detroit filed a lawsuit with the court that she had witnessed the same ballots being counted multiple times. Her response to the attempts to intervene was simple – we were given a contract to count the votes and we do it as we see fit.


Malek Dudakov