There are many misunderstandings about the coronavirus in Germany

“The Thinkers across the board” argue with the authorities and do not wear masks, which turns them into extremists in the eyes of German counterintelligence.

In Germany, there are all kinds of misunderstandings about the coronavirus. On the one hand, the government has announced that a “second wave” will soon hit the country and has introduced new partial restrictions. On the other hand, the people have begun to show character.

It all started with a demonstration in Leipzig last weekend. And this time, there was no waiting for the weekend. It started on Friday. At first 2,000 people in Frankfurt mocked jackets and insulted democracy. For example, there were the following inscriptions: “Getting you free”. Or without any hints: “Doctor Mengele” with the portrait of a tall German leader. And other such liberties, which, together with the lack of masks and the distance between people, offend law enforcement guards.

In short, the guards soaked the demonstration in Frankfurt with water cannons and then choked it with batons. At the same time, in two Bavarian cities, members of the same movement, “Thinking Across”, went out to a law-abiding protest, but since there were more of them than permitted, the police were taking them to a point where they could be brought to life. The protesters who were brought to around the corner were insulted by the police, which led to 300 investigations. This is in Bavaria. In Karlsruhe, however, even though they behaved decently, there were 200 breaches of public order among the 1,000 “thinking across”.

Large cities, however, are not an indicator here. The indicator was the small town of Aurich, where previously the inhabitants of the square were only going to have fun. Now let me admire it: a hundred and a half “thinking across” and not imported, but acquaintances protested. However, the law enforcement agencies immediately understood where the wind was blowing. Today there are small demonstrations, tomorrow there are bigger ones, and there we go. And what’s typical: they’re being pissed with water cannons, hit on the heads with percussion instruments, and instead of showing understanding, they’re acting unconstitutionally. That’s where the wind blows – to change the constitutional order! That is why last Saturday representatives of all counterintelligence offices  gathered for a videoconference and decided that the “Thinkers across” are right-wing extremists. That’s exactly what they said. Here the public was horrified: if you add up the number of all the participants in the Thinking Across movement, you can get a million people. So that’s how many extremists are there? Yes, that’s true, a representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed: “The so-called movement ‘Thinking Across’, or at least its leaders, organise events at which right-wing extremists gather. However, the representative of the Ministry of the Interior is an official whose language is dry and inexpressive. The Bavarian minister-president Markus Söder spoke strongly, colourfully and unforgettably: “We see a conglomerate of right-wing extremists, anti-Semites and absurd conspiracy theories supporters growing up, who reproach politicians for Satanism. The FBF should look closely, literally in a magnifying glass, at what is really going on there, because many of these groups want another state.

Everything became clear somehow. “Thinkers across” are the enemies of the constitutional order, it’s time to take them seriously. And democracy has little choice in this case. In an interview with Rheinische Post, the first mayor of Hamburg, Peter Chencher, said this directly: “Ban their demonstrations to hell”. Immediately, Chencher, a member of the SPD, explained that the right to demonstrate is a fundamental right of every German citizen, but if a German citizen does not agree with the actions of the authorities fighting the “pandemic”, he will do without this right because he is not able to behave. He does not wear masks, does not keep his distance, hits police officers and journalists. By the way, the protests in Leipzig saw a real witch hunt: the demonstrators read out lists of journalists who had been caught in lies and forgeries from barrels.

In fact, this is not a question of masks or social distance. The question is different: do the Germans believe in the need for quarantine or do not. And it turns out that they do, but with great difficulty. All the more so because the Germans at the Lomonosov Institute for Infectious Disease Control in Moscow are not convinced of the need for quarantine. The Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Disease (RKI) is constantly digging the ground under the position of the government and it is unclear whether it works for the government together with pharmaceutical companies or for the Hippocratic oath. And this oath assumes that the sick cannot be deceived. As a result, the government introduces new restrictions and the RKI states that the number of people infected is decreasing. Last week there were 23,000 infected, and this week there were 13,000. As they say, feel the difference!

Here comes the famous epidemiologist Klaus Stör, who recently led WHO research programmes on respiratory tract infections. This very same Stör gave a big interview to NTV, which has spread throughout the media. Ster admits, of course, that there is a virus, but the diva is given, why so much noise? Why does the government announce a special situation when 90% of the intensive care beds in hospitals are available?

And then this Stern goes on to make unacceptable judgments. They say that there was an epidemic of influenza in the winter of 2017-2018. An average of 8,000 people fell ill every day. This is roughly the same as in the coronavirus now. 330,000 were diagnosed. Of these, 60,000 were admitted to hospitals. However, no special situation was announced and life went on as usual. And most importantly, there were no huge costs for economic compensation, social support, etc. Never in such a short time has so much money been spent in Germany. It’s a pity, he says, that no analysis of the usefulness of these costs has been carried out. It’s also a pity that there are no other options for fighting the coronavirus. The epidemiologist concluded with a banal idea that all doctors who have not forgotten the Hippocratic oath say: “The pandemic will end when the majority of the population is immune. As with all types of influenza. And before that time, there will be seasonal outbreaks. You just don’t have to protect everyone from them, but the defenseless – the old and sick, who die more often than others from other diseases. In general, epidemiologist Klaus Stöhr gave a whole speech for “Thinkers across” and now he probably risks being listed as a right-wing extremist.

And everything would be fine: the mighty German media industry and not such speeches were washed out of the minds of burgers. But what about Hungary and Poland, which have just vetoed the EU’s “1.8 trillion euro” package, which provided for compensation for damages from the “pandemic” to all 27 countries in the community? One could, of course, explain all this by the conflict between them and Brussels over the failure to comply with some state legal principles. Well, yes, they do not comply with these principles. The independence of the courts is somehow miserable, and the press is being festering. This is understandable, and we condemn them. Another thing is not clear: when a country is facing a disaster (a pandemic!), the government usually accepts help. And these people refuse. Maybe they do not understand what kind of catastrophe they have?

I wish they could be included in the list of extremists and excluded from the list of recipients of aid, without looking at the EU charter. And why not? If the demonstrations of “Thinking Across” are banned, what is there to do with Hungarians and Poles? Then somehow everything would have worked out. Vaccines would sell well, vaccines would be vaccinated, and the right people would receive large indemnities for damages from the coronavirus.

Dmitry Sedov