Iran sets out the conditions for a return to nuclear deal

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in an interview with the newspaper Iran that Tehran could immediately return to the nuclear deal if the United States returned to fulfil its obligations under the agreement

Iran sets out the conditions for a return to nuclear deal

“If [U.S. President-elect Joseph] Biden wants Washington to meet its obligations, we can immediately return to full compliance with the nuclear deal”, –  he said.

The diplomat added that “some political factions [in Iran] are afraid that negotiations [with the US] will start.

“They are sending the wrong signals to the Americans”, –  he said.

The future of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan on Iran’s nuclear programme was questioned after the unilateral withdrawal of the US on 8 May 2018 and the imposition by Washington of sanctions against Tehran on oil exports. According to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the other participants, primarily Europeans, do not fully adhere to their obligations in the economic part of the agreement, so the nuclear deal as it stands makes no sense. As a result, Iran has begun to suspend its obligations under the agreement relating to uranium enrichment and research activities in stages, and in early January announced the completion of this process.


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