Another scandal in Europe: the USA spying on its allies again

The Danish military intelligence service has uncovered the fact that the US National Security Agency (NSA) is spying on the Swedish and Danish defence industries.

This was reported by the Welders’ Telegram channel.

Intelligence activities were conducted from an American base in Denmark.

“According to available information, the NSA has provided itself with access to fibre optic cables and a computer centre in Amager, which has made it possible to track data transmitted by the Netherlands, Norway, France, Germany, Sweden and Danish political institutes”, –  it says.

This became known when a Danish military intelligence officer discovered that the NSA was spying through Danish-American cooperation channels, following which an investigation was carried out.
As a result of the investigation it was found that the wiretap is connected with Denmark’s plans to purchase a multi-purpose fighter Gripen in Sweden, which competed with the American F-35. As a result, 27 F-35s from the USA were purchased for Denmark.


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