Political scientist explains Russia’s goal in Karabakh

A tight tangle of contradictions, into which the interests of Russia, Turkey and Iran are intertwined in the Transcaucasus, make this region a point of constant tension.

Political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko said in a commentary to Ukraina.ru that the presence of Russian troops in this region could provide comprehensive protection of Russia’s interests.

According to the analyst, by returning to Azerbaijan, the Russian army is solving several tasks at once, and at different levels.

The creation of military bases for peacekeepers in Karabakh and control over the most important transport corridors by our border guards ensure Russia’s dominance, so to speak, “on the ground”.

At the same time, the presence of our senior officers in the center for monitoring the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, created in Azerbaijan jointly with the Turks, makes it possible to keep under the supervision of the Turkish military, including their generals. And this is the most important task.

“In the joint control center, Russian officers will observe Turkish observers. That is, the Russian military presence in the Transcaucasus and control over the processes taking place there is increasing”, – the expert explained.


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