The EU will not give Poland money for nuclear power plants

Poland cannot count on EU funds to build a nuclear power plant, and the time for nuclear power in the country may have passed before it started. This was told by Jerzy Buzek, former Prime Minister of Poland and now a member of the European Parliament.

The EU will not give Poland money for nuclear power plants

“In Poland we have been talking about the development of nuclear power for at least the second decade, but, as a feat in itself, we have not yet been able to choose a place for investment. During this time, the situation has changed, the cost of electricity has fallen by at least five times, and nuclear power is now burdened by regulatory risk in the European Union”,-  said Jerzy Buzek.

According to him, Poland cannot count on financial support from the EU for the construction of nuclear power plants, while Brussels is ready to spend a lot of money on renewable energy sources, such as wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

“On the one hand, nuclear power is a zero-emission technology, which undoubtedly has a positive impact on climate protection and overall energy security. On the other hand, we are dealing with increasing construction costs, serious delays on construction sites, problems with radioactive waste and public recognition”, –  says Jerzy Buzek.

He pointed out that every EU member state is now free to choose its energy sources. Nuclear energy is supported by a group of countries headed by France and the Nordic countries. The strongest opponents are Germany, Austria and Ireland.


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