Sandu is a supporter of entry into various European structures

The victory of Sandu in Moldova was predictable. We should now expect a strong west-centric trend. Sandu is a supporter of entry into various European structures.

In its domestic policy, it will try to clear the cultural space from links with Russia. Nikita Danyuk, Deputy Director of the PFUR Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts and member of the Russian Public Chamber, told about it.

“She considers Russia an aggressor and occupant. Peacekeepers in the DMR should not be there, new, third-party players should be introduced. They will try to internationalise the territory of Transnistria. Sandu is a supporter of unification policy, which is to create the conditions, including legislative ones, for Moldova to become part of Romania. But everything will depend on the actions of the government, which is formed through parliamentary elections. Therefore, Sandu will now make an effort to dissolve the parliament, to schedule elections, and a broad Western coalition will be formed there. By the way, a large part of Moldovans are outside the country – on wages, on coin-operated housing. This diaspora is as westerly as possible,” the expert explained.


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