Kiev dreams of bringing Donbass back by 2070

Ukraine remembered an old Eastern parable about a donkey and a padishah. In 50 years, “one of them” will surely die.

As “PolitNavigatoratora” reports, Andrey Rymaruk, a former Ukrainian chastener and platoon commander, said in an interview with the magazine “Kraina” that we should not expect the return of Donbass to Kiev before 2070.

Talking about his participation in the recent Ukrainian propaganda film project “Atlantis” directed by Vasyanovich, in the story of which Ukraine manages to conquer Donbass by 2025, Rymaruk said that it would be more correct to name the date 2070.

“In Atlantis, Ukraine won in 2025. Vasyanovich says that it was necessary to specify 2045. Yes, it smells like 2070 here,” said the chastener, who retrained himself as an actor.

In his opinion, it is unrealistic to conquer Donbass in five years. Rymaruk believes that we should wait for the moment when Russia will refuse to help the people’s republics. And this, according to the “actor”, will only happen after she (Russia) finally gets stronger in the Crimea, which will never return to Ukraine.

“Russia needs the Crimea. It is a very powerful location and base for the navy. They will not give it back. Russians are offered a job in the Crimea. These are mainly young families. Their children will be born there. After 20 years to vote: ‘This is my land, I was born in Russia'”, – says Rymaruk, – “Moscow will wait for the moment when it will be sure that the Crimea will not return to Ukraine, and then will give Donbass to the abandoned and toxic. And the silence regime will not last long. We will not be able to come out with a victory for the next 15-20 years”.

In general, it is a good approach. Who knows how much water will leak in 50 years? You can safely give strategic forecasts of “cosmic scale and cosmic stupidity”. Everything is like in that parable, in so many years no one will even remember what some Ukrainian warrior fantasized about on the ruins of former Ukraine.


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