Dodon is ready to challenge the results of the elections and create a new majority in Parliament

The statement was made at the weekly press briefing with the country’s top leadership.

As informs Sputnik Moldova, the acting president of Moldova Igor Dodon who, on preliminary results of the second round of elections, has taken the second place after Maya Sandu, has declared that intends to protest results of voting.

“Congratulations to Maya Sanda, but I am obliged to protect the vote of those who gave it for me. At all stages – through the CEC, the Court, the Constitutional Court”, –  said Dodon.

At the same time he announced the start of consultations with parliamentary parties to form a new majority in the legislature.

“I am initiating discussions with all groups in Parliament. Today I am meeting with the SDPP, then the PDS, the DA Platform and other groups. We need to understand their vision”, –  said Dodon.

The consultations are being held to “avoid a serious political crisis,” he said.


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