In the Netherlands, the preparatory hearing for MH17 is ongoing

In the Netherlands, preparatory hearings for the MN17 plane crash case are continuing in 2014. Earlier this month, the court heard the defense, namely the lawyers of one of the defendants in the crash of an aircraft of Malaysian Airlines Oleg Pulatov. He is the only one of all the defendants who agreed to participate in the trial.

In the Netherlands, the preparatory hearing for MH17 is ongoing

At the moment, Pulatov’s defense asks the court to consider three hypotheses:

1) Boeing was shot down not from BUK SAM;
2) Boeing was shot down from the BUK of the Ukrainian army;|
3) Additional verification of versions of Oleg Pulatov’s personal innocence in the attack on a civilian plane.

The lawyers read out the respective motions to the court for three days.

In addition, Pulatov’s defense also asked the judges to question a number of witnesses. Their list also included forensic experts (who prepared the reports included in the investigation) and participants in the intercepted conversations.

In addition, there was a motion to conduct additional analysis of the plane wreckage and found missile elements, digital images recording the movement of the BUK in the Donbas and telephone conversations between people who were discussing combat operations and transportation of SAMs.

The prosecutors noted that they did not see the need for additional study of the experts and their expertise as requested by the defense.



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