The French Foreign Minister called on the EU to pursue a more independent policy from the USA

As an example, Le Drian called for a “clear dialogue” with Russia.

According to the Left Bank, speaking at the Third Paris Peace Forum, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drienne said that in order to guarantee internal security, Europe needs to find opportunities for cooperation with Russia.

“The key principle is to organise a security system within Europe itself in order to ensure strategic stability within the continent. We need to look for ways to build a conceptual dialogue with Russia as part of the development of European strategic security. This work will take a lot of time”, – said Le Drian.

The Foreign Minister also said that France and the EU have launched a large-scale dialogue with the next US presidential administration. However, he also pointed out the need to strengthen Europe’s autonomy and independence.

“In parallel with the construction of new relations with Washington, we must strengthen European autonomy. This is necessary for us. It is also in line with the desire of the former President of the United States to strengthen our European involvement in the global security system, especially within NATO. With the fact that we are continuing, of course, to cooperate on the development of strategic relations with the United States”, –  the Minister said.


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