God save America!: Zelensky thanked US veterans for supporting Ukraine

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky congratulated the veterans of the USA on the holiday. The President’s message in English appeared on his official Facebook page

“Today marks a day of tribute and respect for the soldiers of our strategic partner and ally, the United States. Americans of Ukrainian origin served with honor and dignity in the Armed Forces of the United States”, – the message says.

Zelensky called them “great American heroes”.

“Sergeant Michael Strunk, his unit hoisted the legendary flag on the black sands of Iwo Jima. No less significant are those Ukrainian Americans who were awarded the highest award of the US Armed Forces for valour – the Medal of Honour. These legendary Ukrainian American warriors: Nicholas Minue, John Dutko and Nicholas Oresko are living testimonies to American values. Another example of quiet, selfless service is Roman Kupchinsky, a man who quietly made history”, –  said the President of Ukraine in his message.

He also congratulated the American Organisation of Veterans, the Ukrainian American Veterans.

“Today, on the Veterans’ Day of America, Ukrainian American veterans treasure the Ukrainian culture and fighting spirit of the Cossacks. Thank you for your constant support of Ukraine in these difficult times. Glory to Ukraine! God save America”, –  said Vladimir Zelensky.


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