CNN: The State Department refuses to send messages from foreign leaders to Biden

According to the TV company, the State Department has already received dozens of such messages.

The Donald Trump administration does not allow Democrat Joseph Biden, to whom the media say he has won the presidential election, to be addressed to foreign leaders. This was reported by CNN on Wednesday, citing sources.

According to it, traditionally the State Department provides communication of the elected president with heads of foreign countries, in connection with which many foreign leaders in recent days sent their messages addressed to Biden, to the American Foreign Ministry. However, because the current American president has not yet acknowledged his defeat in the elections and has prevented any possible contacts between his administration and Biden’s team, these letters have not reached the Democrat. According to CNN, there are already several dozen such messages in the State Department.

CNN notes that some foreign leaders have to use the services of diplomats who served during the presidency of Barack Obama, in whose administration the current elected head of state served as vice president, to establish contact with Biden. According to television sources, Biden himself and his advisers “would prefer to have access to State Department resources” to establish contacts with foreign authorities.

Earlier The Washington Post noted that the State Department allegedly refuses to participate in the organization of Biden’s telephone conversations with foreign leaders, and Democrat aides do not have access to those security facilities where they are to get acquainted with classified information. As a result, journalists in Biden’s entourage were told on Monday that they could go to the courts to resolve the situation.


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