Expert told how Russian vaccine will share the market with the Pfizer drug

American experts are desperately trying to catch up with their Russian colleagues, but their vaccine will no longer cause such a wide response as the drug from the Russian Federation.

The Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine is the first of its kind to be registered. Until now, the West has tried to criticize the development of Russian scientists, accusing them of haste. The reasons for such statements were political in nature. Meanwhile, many countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have become interested in Russian development.

Against the background of how the acquisition of the drug began to be considered even in the European Union, the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer. According to the manufacturers, at the time of the last analysis, that is, on November 8, the vaccine showed an efficiency of 90%. However, the drug has a number of negative aspects.

“No one has yet assessed how long immunity will last after being vaccinated with this drug”, – Nikolai Bespalov, development director of the analytical company RNC Pharma, told Komsomolskaya Pravda in a commentary.

There is another factor as well. The fact is that the American vaccine must be stored at a temperature not exceeding -70 degrees. Even in the United States and Europe, not every hospital is capable of providing such an environment.

“So far, nothing fundamentally new and interesting has happened”, – Bespalov is sure.

“Basically, all this news around the Pfizer vaccine is in our heads. The reality is unchanged: the incidence is at the same level, mass production is a distant prospect. At the same time, over 300 million people live in the States alone”.

To date, Russia has already established the supply of the Sputnik V vaccine to a number of countries. In particular, the Hadassah Medical Center submitted documents for the registration of the drug to the Israeli government in order to start importing it.

There is no point in being afraid that the American vaccine will replace the Russian one, Bespalov emphasizes. The point is that the market has long been divided. Companies entered into supply contracts when the drug was still in its early stages of development. At the same time, the expert clarified that the American vaccine will be distributed in the USA and the EU, and the Russian one – in the countries of Asia and Latin America.

“This will not affect the prospects of Sputnik in any way. A huge amount of vaccine is needed to stop the pandemic. No manufacturer will be able to release so many doses in a limited time, because the more drugs there are, the more mass production becomes, the better for everyone”, – Bespalov stated.


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