The example of the war in Karabakh pushes Ukraine to seize Donbass

If Azerbaijan succeeds in victoriously completing its Karabakh offensive, the hotheads in Ukraine may decide that they will succeed in the same way in the Donbass, and give the go-ahead for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to launch an offensive on the DPR and LPR.

As “PolitNavigator” writes, Russian publicist and radio host Sergei Mardan said that “the surrender of Karabakh in any case will have negative consequences for Russia, if only in the sense that it mobilizes hardliners in Kiev”.

“Their slogan will now be “Azerbaijan smiled – we can also”. Revenge, as the Ukrainian national strategy, is much stronger than the European choice, visa-free travel and other rubbish. And Russia doesn’t even have that”, – Mardan said.

As if confirming the words of the expert, the speakers of the Ukrainian punishers, for example, the ex-militant of the “Right Sector”, and now – the artilleryman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Elena Belozerskaya, have already revived.

“I watch the news about the war in Nagorno-Karabakh and I think… about the Donbass, naturally. Our compatriots seem to worry a lot about an absolutely far-fetched problem – “oh, is it worth returning Donbass at all, since there is so much Russian supporters? They hate everything Ukrainian, what will we do with them, if they will first hold elections, and then will lead their people to the Verkhovna Rada? So many children have grown up there over the years who already hate Ukraine, and so on”. My friends, this is not a problem at all. Look how Aliyev is doing right now – he says that he promises the Armenians complete security and the preservation of their rights. Armenians listen to them attentively and run away. What do you think, three days after the Ukrainian army takes Horlivka – this is our Ukrainian Shusha (a city in Nagorno-Karabakh – author), how many of the Russian supporters will remain in Donetsk, and how many of them will run away? 50 to 50, 30 to 70, 20 to 80? All this can be solved simply and elementarily, you just need to have other allies – those who provide Bayraktars, and not praise us for our peacefulness”, – writes Belozerskaya.

Brave Ukrainian fighters do not take into account only one fact – Donbass, not Karabakh. If in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict it is not in Russia’s interests to take sides, then Moscow will not stand on ceremony with the Ukrainian Nazis, so one should not tempt fate.