Spain supports rapprochement with Russia based on common interests

The Spanish Foreign Ministry proposes a new definition of European policy towards Russia, El Pais newspaper writes.

As reported by TASS, on Monday, the newspaper El Pais, referring to the draft Foreign Policy Strategy 2020-2023, which is being prepared by the government of the Iberian Kingdom, said that the Spanish government seeks to get closer to Russia on the basis of “real and common interests”.

“According to the edition, the Spanish Foreign Ministry offers a new definition of European policy towards Russia. The document speaks of striving to achieve change “based on real and common interests”, which lays the foundation for “more structured and predictable relationships based on mutual respect and selective cooperation”, – the message says.

The project of the Spanish authorities raises the question of “the EU’s ability to lead internationally”. Regarding Madrid’s security policy, it is aimed at “reaffirming NATO’s commitment”, but at the same time stakes on the EU “strengthening its strategic potential” in the military sphere.


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