NATO military exercise Brilliant Jump 2020 is over in Lithuania

The NATO Rapid Response Force Brilliant Jump 2020 exercise, which began on 29 October, ended on Saturday. This was reported by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence.

“In the course of the exercise, the units on permanent duty in the NATO Rapid Response Force group trained in the performance of specific tasks assigned to this type of combat unit, with the interaction of a group of units formed from representatives of several alliance countries”, –  said the defence ministry.

Military personnel from the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain took part in the exercise. A total of more than two thousand soldiers and 600 pieces of military equipment were involved in the exercise.

“Using air, sea, rail and road transport, we successfully completed the redeployment tasks and in practice demonstrated NATO’s readiness to move large military units and equipment to the designated area during off-call-time”, –  said Lithuanian Army Commander Valdemaras Rupšys.


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