Solomon Mann: the Lord showed mercy to U.S., but it didn’t want to be rescued

Israeli expert Solomon Mann, against the background of Biden’s victory, calls on the Israelis for independence from the United States, since he considers the triumph of the “democrats” a great threat not only to America, but also to their country

Solomon Mann: the Lord showed mercy to U.S., but it didn't want to be rescued
We can say that the elections are over and it is time to accept the new reality. The normal part of America was in the minority, Trump lost, common sense, honor, freedom, democracy were all also lost: Biden, the representative of the unification of the left forces of the world, becomes president.

The voice of the American people is quite unambiguous: the House of Representatives of Congress has also further strengthened leftist content. In the Senate, the “democrats” won back one more seat, consolidating their power over the country. Even if Trump had won the election, it would have been impossible to work with such a Congress.

The Lord showed mercy to America by sending Trump to it, but the people of America did not want to be rescued. After a four-year hiatus, Israel will now have to live under the pressure of a hostile America and experience the pressure from which we have been free for all four blessed years of Trump’s rule.

As I wrote earlier, Israel needs to build its own world without sticking to the United States. We are now in a new geopolitical reality, when globalist tendencies will begin to intensify again, and the crisis phenomena caused by the coronavirus pandemic will appear everywhere. In this difficult period, we need to draw conclusions and prevent a violent change of power, which the “democrats” who come to power in the United States will not hesitate to arrange. If we do not take care of this now, they will steal our country the same way they stole it from normal Americans. I really do not want to remain a man without a homeland in old age! I would not wish this to anyone – to seek refuge in distant countries, leaving my country in which it is ruled by the unbelted cattle with the marginalized. If we are not tough, our enemies will be tough with us and with our children. Everyone should be aware of this in the current conditions.

Source: Facebook of Solomon Mann (Israel)

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