Illegal support for Biden finally destroys the myth of the delights of Western democracy

Democrats try to cheat Trump

Illegal support for Biden finally destroys the myth of the delights of Western democracy
As you know, it is important not how they vote, but how the votes are counted later. And now, observing the development of events in the United States, it is very likely that Trump, who announced a confident victory, is now faced with exactly this problem.

If, as of this morning, almost all of America was confidently “red”, that is, in the colors of the Republican Party, then by evening some of the states, thanks to the “accountants”, changed their color to “democratic” blue. Having now announced his victory in a speech to his supporters, Trump looks with bewilderment at the “second place” floating towards him. Biden has 238 electors so far, Trump has only 213. With 270 votes required to win.

Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, already “won” by the Reds, which were previously considered the fiefdom of the Democrats, float away. Moreover, they float away strangely. For example, in Michigan “for Biden” there were additionally 128 thousand votes, and not a single one “for Trump”.

From where they appeared, it is so far unknown. It is assumed that they appeared from the bulletins received by mail. Bloggers recorded more than 130,000 ballot stuffing for Biden. What the Trump team will do now will become clear within 2-3 days.

At the moment, it is reported that almost 100 million voters have used the postal option, which is a record since 1910. And in some of the still undecided states, according to their internal laws, votes can be counted for two more days, not counting today.

However, during the morning speech to supporters, Trump warned about this danger. Emphasizing that he intends to fight against fraud in the Supreme Court. But this does not change the essence of what is happening.

The vote count is not formally finished yet. The picture is completely absent in three states and ballots are still missing in four more. In theory, the result has every chance of decisively swinging in one direction or the other.

But since most of the “undecided” territories are under the leadership of the governors from the Democratic Party, the intrigue is twisted literally to the ringing of an extremely tight string. Joe Biden, too, emerged from the hibernation that had accompanied him throughout the campaign, and hesitantly declared his own victory.

So the “battle of lawyers” at the Supreme Court cannot be avoided.

And, yes, it is also quite clear that if Trump wins, Mark Zuckerberg and other censors of the free Internet will have very big problems. Facebook and Twitter in the morning began to block Trump’s posts, allegedly linking them to the ban on campaigning during the election period. A fair amount of other messages are accompanied by a notification to users about the questionable reliability of their content. Twitter hid Trump’s tweet – “We’re winning, but they’re trying to steal the election” – behind a label that it’s potentially misleading.

Biden, of course, does not bother with such honors. In principle, everything is clear – as expected, only America should not lecture anyone else: a two-month vote by mail; non-admission of observers of competitors to polling stations to observe the voting process; voting in ballot boxes standing on the street without any control, recorded stuffing for Biden – this is just a small part of the evidence that America no longer has any right to lecture others.

The image of the shining City on the Hill has finally faded and covered with corrosive rust. The myth about the delights of the Wild West has been completely destroyed.