Bundestag decided to teach democracy to Belarusians

On November 4, the German parliament adopted a resolution calling on the country’s government to support civil society in Belarus, independent media, as well as citizens affected by repression.

Bundestag decided to teach democracy to Belarusians

As DW writes, the German Bundestag adopted on Wednesday, November 4, a resolution calling for the immediate release of all Belarusian political prisoners and holding repeated presidential elections in the country.

“In addition, the document contains a whole list of specific measures aimed at strengthening the structures of civil society in Belarus, supporting independent media and individuals affected by the actions of the Minsk authorities”, – the statement says.

The authors of the resolution also demand the introduction of personal sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko and his inner circle, as well as all those who, according to the German deputies, are responsible for “political repression, violence and election fraud”. In addition, the deputies of the FRG parliament called for active involvement in the resolution of the political crisis and the launch of the negotiation process in Belarus, not only by the OSCE, but also by Russia – whose influence in the country, as noted in the resolution, is “great”.


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