What they say at Trump’s headquarters

Trump’s team of lawyers and political strategists have presented an emergency response plan  to the depressing situation with mail voting in the states of the Midwest:

• Even with the mailing ballots, Trump is able to win Pennsylvania by 40,000 votes.

• Wisconsin requires a recount trial.

• A separate investigation is worth starting and in Michigan, where a scandal flares up over the appearance of 120 thousand ballots with a result of 100% for Biden – in Wayne County, which includes the infamous Detroit.

• It turned out that there was a significant error in Arizona with the counting of votes – and now Trump suddenly has a chance catch up in this state. Here he lags behind Biden by 3.4%, and the gap is rapidly closing.

• With a lucky coincidence, Trump can hope to win in Nevada – but with a very small advantage of several thousand votes. Now in Nevada, Biden is ahead by 0.6%.

Recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin will take a long time, and their result is difficult to predict. On the other hand, the possibility of Trump winning in Arizona could lead him to victory even without these two states.

The electoral card does not look very friendly for Trump, but his headquarters are confident that they have a chance of winning. This will happen under several conditions – say, winning in Pennsylvania and Arizona, which now seems to be a difficult task, but not impossible.


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