Unrelenting protests in Poland could lead to a military coup

Alarming events in Polish cities have seriously worried a group of retired military, who proposed to create a “Council of National Salvation”.

As reported by IA REGNUM, against the background of the presidential elections in the United States, very dramatic events in Poland remain almost unnoticed. Moreover, the state of affairs is now so serious that experts started talking about the threat of a direct military coup.

“The Polish media published a letter from 212 retired Polish generals and admirals, in which they expressed their concern about the protests taking place in the country. It seems, there isn’t anything special about it. But the Polish ex-commanders did not just state the difficult situation created as a result of mass demonstrations of the disaffected, former generals and admirals offered their help in creating a “Council of National Salvation”, which would take power into their own hands”, – the message says.

The editor of IA REGNUM Stanislav Stremidlovsky is convinced that the leaders of the ruling Law and Justice party in Poland should think about preventing such a scenario and start acting more decisively.

In his opinion, such a radical development of events is an indicator that the European arsonists of the Ukrainian Maidan got a fire in their own house. This would be a good lesson for European politicians and cool the hotheads in Germany and France, who still have not repented of aiding the coup d’etat in Kiev in winter 2014.


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