Experts: Donald Trump’s personality will be fixed in American history

Whatever the outcome of the current elections, one thing is clear, the deafening victory of Biden predicted by all sociologists did not happen.

According to the famous Americanist Mikhail Taratuta, even if Biden ultimately wins, it will be a minimal advantage, which does not come close to the results of the polls (only in the last two days, these polls have abruptly changed direction).

“To the surprise of many observers, Trump has greatly increased his popularity with African Americans and Latinos. Although what is surprising here, the jobs created by Trump have helped breathe a sigh of low-income people, among whom there are especially many blacks and immigrants from Latin America. Unlike the Democrats, who increased various kinds of benefits and thereby produced lumpen, Trump gave people not a fish, but a fishing rod”, – Taratua writes on his Facebook.

Political scientist Alexei Naumov agrees with him on the pages of his Telegram channel “Vneshpol (Alexei Naumov)”.

“The main result can be called now – Donald Trump’s personality well be fixed in American history. For all four years, the Democrats have tried to present his presidency as a misunderstanding, a mistake on the path of America’s great march towards universal justice. The only way to prove this was Joe Biden’s total, crushing victory”, – said Naumov.

“It did not happen, which means that the ideology of Trumpism – an alloy of powerful civil nationalism, social conservatism and populism will remain in American political thought for many years, and from there will continue going for export, giving birth to their own “Trump” in all parts of the world”.


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