Abortion, poverty and American showdown – why Poles really rebel

Poland’s current ruling elites are incredibly lucky to come to power in a period of calm and economic prosperity. Now the situation has changed, and the Poles feel it. In this regard, the prohibition of abortion has become more of a reason for them to take to the streets.

Abortion, poverty and American showdown - why Poles really rebel

As News Front previously reported, in the midst of mass protests, the Poles no longer demanded a revision of the harsh legislation, but the resignation of the government. The protesters stormed the residence of the head of the ruling Law and Justice party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski. In despair, he pulled the security forces to the mansion.

“Kaczynski is hiding, they are trying to storm his residence, troops are being taken out into the streets under the guise of providing quarantine, activists are called fascists”, – said journalist Galina Malchevskaya.

“This is no longer protests about abortion, this is a revolution. But only a part of society suits it. Poland is very split”.

The issue of abortions in Poland “hung” back in 1993. Although a certain compromise was reached then, the legislation was much stricter than in other European countries, said Polish politician Mateusz Piskorski. According to him, the issue of abortion really worries only a small part of the country’s population, but the protests have other, more pressing reasons.

“The government’s policy was, to put it mildly, ridiculous and inconsistent when it came to fighting the pandemic”, – Piskorski says in an interview with PolitNavigator.

“A couple of months ago, the Poles were told that everything was over, they were silent about the second wave, they did not prepare for it, unlike other countries. For example, as I know, additional hospitals were built in Russia in the summer, too”.

The expert noted that now in Poland there is an opinion about the participation of the United States in what is happening. The reason for this could be divisions within the American political elites. Piskorski himself doubts this, although he draws parallels between the Polish protests and the recent American ones.

“In the USA it all started with Black Lives Matter, and then the so-called  “deep people” with certain socio-economic requirements took to the streets”, – the expert explains.

“It’s the same here, women talk not only about abortions. They talk about the pension system, about salaries, about other problems of social policy”.

Piskorski calls a logical claim to the government that, along with the bans on abortions, nurseries and kindergartens are not being built in the country. At the same time, a nanny from Ukraine is also becoming a luxury.

“A real crisis has already begun. This government was lucky to come to power in a relatively calm period. In terms of the country’s economy, in 2015, GDP grew by 4-5%. Now it has fallen by 9% due to this post-pandemic depression”, – the politician stated.


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