Surveys: Trump reduced the gap against Biden

This is evidenced by the results of the Friday’s poll, which was conducted from 27 to 29 October by the Fox News channel.

As the Country writes, US President Donald Trump has over the past few weeks reduced the popularity gap between US presidential candidates and Democrats Joseph Biden slightly.

“Thus, the Americans were asked which of the politicians they would support in the presidential election if the expression of will were to happen now. 52% replied that they would give their vote to Biden. 44% said that they would support Trump. About 2% said that they would have voted for another candidate, while another 2% admitted that they would not support any politician”, –  the report says. –  “According to the results of the survey conducted by the TV channel in early October, 53% of respondents were ready to vote for Biden and 43% for Trump.

The last poll was attended by about 1.3 thousand people across the country. They were asked a question over the phone.