On the threshold of a religious war: a crusade in French

The French are not used to Islamic terrorists and rivers of blood

The triple murder in the Cathedral of Nice against the backdrop of the scandal between Recep Erdogan and Emmanuel Macron surprised no one. But the event that happened a few hours later in Avignon, when the police shot a man with a knife shouting “Allah Akbar” without waiting for him to slaughter someone, shows a new trend. This trend has a name – Gérald Darmanen, a provincial mayor who recently became head of the French interior ministry.

Judging by what they say on our television talk shows and write media with a claim to an analyst, in Ukraine they do not understand at all what processes are going on in France. And they diligently analyze the visible part of the iceberg.

Many people have heard that Charlie Ebdo magazine has published a caricature of Turkish President Erdogan. And he advised his French colleague to see a psychiatrist. There was a wave of hatred towards France in the Muslim world, and in response, intolerant words about Islamic fascism were heard from Paris.

Before, this was not officially said, even after large-scale terrorist attacks. Except that Marie Le Pen allowed herself a similar rhetoric. But her “white dobrobats” are just a mirror image of migrants’ aggression, not a cure for it.

What’s more, there is a perception that after every Islamist attack the French lick their wounds, wildly apologising to the aggressor and offering him another social “bun” for good behaviour.

The shooting of the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo on 7 January 2015 for a series of comic books about the Prophet Muhammad. The terrorist attack killed 12 people – 10 editorial staff and two police officers. 11 people were injured. So what? And nothing!

Hostage-taking in a kosher HyperCacher supermarket on 9 January 2015. Terrorist Amedi Kulibali asked about the ethnic origin of the hostages, and then shot four people who admitted to being Jews. Again, no action in response!

On 13 November 2015, the French capital was in the centre of one of the biggest jihadist attacks in European history. 130 people were killed and more than 350 injured after an attack by militants armed with automatic weapons and explosives. It was almost a war. Where is the “response” of the authorities? It did not arrive.

Even when the terrorists took hostages in the Bataclan concert hall, where the American rock band Eagles of Death Metal was performing, and 90 people were killed. Zero consequences!

Truck in Nice: On 14 July 2016, Tunisian-born Mohamed Lauayage Boulel crushed a crowd celebrating Bastille Day (the most important bank holiday!). 86 people died and over 300 were injured. Again, an inappropriate question: where is the punishment?

Okay, at the time, Europeans had an excuse – it was a brutal IGIL*. But there is no more IGIL. Russia achieved it in Syria. After the Syrian operation was completed, the attacker shot people at a Christmas fair in Strasbourg on 11 December 2018: five people died and 11 were injured. Are they gone again?

Perhaps for the first time, a clear reaction from the authorities followed the assassination of Samuel Pati, a history and geography teacher, who was beheaded on the evening of 16 October 2020 in a Paris suburb by 18-year-old Chechen Abdullah Anzorov, born in Moscow and a refugee in France.

First, Samuel Patit was declared a national hero: he was posthumously conferred the Order of the Legion of Honour and bid farewell at the Sorbonne. Secondly, Macron took the risk of saying that modern France was born out of the Great French Revolution. The right to blasphemy (“clever” words – anti-clericalism) was paid for by third class representatives with huge sacrifices. Both their own, as well as those of the first and second classes. That is, noblemen and clergy. And these sacrifices must not be in vain.

Finally, caricatures and pamphlets are as much part of the French national cultural identity as cheese and wine. A taboo for jokes is the same as the ban on singing Marseillaise, the celebration of the Bastille and the anathema of Rousseau, Voltaire and Montesquieu. It can never be the same.

And in general, as long as there are electoral disputes between presidential candidates in the USA, Paris can remind the world that democracy in its modern form was invented by the French and privatised by the Americans. By the way, the Statue of Liberty is a gift to America from France. And this is already bold!

So what has changed in France lately? On 6 July 2020, Gérald Darmanin was appointed Minister of the Interior; before that, he was Minister of Public Funds and the mayor of the old, almost pastoral town of Turkuen (near Lille), which has a population of 90,000.

Darmanen is 38 years old and is a provincial man with a primitive, by the standards of the capital’s elite, education and an internal rejection of so-called multiculturalism. Simply put, he is not tolerant of Islamic violence. He is not tolerant at all.
It was the new head of the Interior Ministry who uttered the very phrase that no official had dared to say before him – about Islamic fascism. This word is familiar to him: in tiny Turkuen, in addition to the main attractions – the Botanical Garden, medieval buildings, flower markets and the international parade of giant dolls – there are several museums dedicated to World War II. All events related to the liberation of France from fascism are celebrated here every year.

So Gérald Darmanin is a man of conviction and very determined. Surrounded by Makron, he appeared at a difficult moment for the French President – after the defeat of his party in the second round of municipal, or rather, municipal (from the word commune) elections.

One of the important signals of this campaign is the second result in the election of the mayor of Paris, Rachinda Dati, a Muslim woman from Morocco. A little more, and the notorious “Parisian Caliphate” will become a reality. Everyone in France understands this, but it is not customary to say such things out loud. All the more reason to act somehow. Until a citizen, Darmanen, appeared in an enlightened Parisian establishment.

The theoretical, so to speak, educational part, spoken by Macron in connection with the death of his teacher, was followed by a practical part, much more relevant to the many migrants and refugees living in France.

On 21 October, at the instigation of the French Ministry of the Interior, the French Council of Ministers dissolved Sheikh Yasin, an organisation founded by Islamist activist Abdelakim Sefrioui, who criticized the teacher Samuel Patit on social networks. Sefrioui himself was charged with aiding and abetting a terrorist murder and arrested immediately.

The Collective Action against Islamophobia in France (CCIF), which had enjoyed the indulgence of the authorities for many years despite being publicly acquitted of terrorist acts, was then eliminated.

The next stage was the visit of Gerald Darmanen to Moscow with a proposal to the Russian authorities to give back the “Chechen refugees” who had previously been sheltered in the Fifth Republic.

In Moscow, the French guest was chewed up, saying that we had warned you that the “poor victims of the Putin regime” are not as white and fluffy as you imagined. To which Darmanen modestly replied: it was not me who “imported” them, they were all my predecessors. And when he returned to France, he first deported Bosnian Muslims who shaved off their daughter, who had fallen in love with an Orthodox Serb.

But the strongest blow that triggered the attack in Nice (clearly not the last) was the dissolution on 28 October of the non-governmental humanitarian association BarakaCity, a highly influential international organization founded back in 2010 to help poor Muslims around the world.

Idris Siamedi is the founder of BarakaCity and Mehmet Özün, a French and Turkish national, runs the Turkish division. According to the French security services, BarakaCity is a transnational corporation for transporting illegal migrants to France, who were then turned into legal migrants.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Muslims came to France on false documents, telling immigration authorities the same stories (taught by intermediaries) about the horrors of war, burned schools, killed relatives and so on. Very often, however, they were not war victims, but people from poor families who paid more money for such services. And “families” were legendary from completely foreign people who fit the age and description of documents. By the way, for the sake of documents real refugees were often killed even before they entered France.

As a result, “territories free of native French” appeared in the outskirts of Paris, Marseille and other major cities. These are usually neighbourhoods with social housing for refugees and migrants, where postmen do not enter, ambulances do not enter, and police only arrive during raids.

They have their own world there and their own laws, which are usually dictated by drug lords. A machine is just as common there as a woman’s handbag. Nobody counts the neighbours killed in the raids. They continue to receive social payments for them.

Didn’t the security services and police in the country know this? They did, but there was not enough bureaucratic will to slow down the flow. Now the will has appeared. But for now, it is the will of one person who led a kind of French Reconcist against aggressive Islam.

What is the ultimate goal of this event? To make representatives of other religions respect the rules of life in France. As Macron said, “we are for culturally enlightened and peaceful Islam”. Alas, this is an ordinary French philosophical utopia. Unlike the Western worldview, which acknowledges the existence of other religions, Muslims are more categorical. There is one religion, everything else is not religion, but infidels. Therefore, the parties are unlikely to be able to agree. Even if the French police continue to shoot on preemptive fire. A war is a war. I wonder what the Americans will say.

Galina Akimova, Versiya