Media: Lebanese authorities are imposing curfews due to increasing cases of coronavirus

Restrictions will take effect from the beginning of November

The Interdepartmental Headquarters for the Coronavirus Pandemic Control of the Government of Lebanon has approved the recommendation to introduce curfews throughout the country, which will operate at night. This was announced on Saturday by the news portal El Nashra, citing the decision taken by the authorities.

“Restrictions on movement will be introduced from the beginning of November in most cities from 21.00 pm to 05.00 am,” – said the portal.

According to him, in a number of regions, such as Baalbek and Hermel in north-eastern Lebanon, curfew duration has been increased from 5 pm to 05.00 am. The authorities have also banned events involving more than six people and closed banquet halls.

Earlier, Hamad Hassan, Acting Minister of Health of the Republic of Lebanon, recommended that the authorities strengthen measures to combat COVID-19 given the increasing number of infected people. “Over the past four days, 7 343 citizens have been infected with Coronavirus, which is a shocking figure,” he said. According to the Acting Minister, the coronavirus control zone system introduced in September has so far proven to be ineffective.

In turn, the head of the parliamentary health commission, Asem Araji, pointed out that “a second wave of the pandemic is inevitable, given the approaching rainy season.

The republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has isolated 69 towns and cities until 2 November. A sanitary emergency regime is in place in these towns and villages. All state institutions and enterprises located there have switched to a reduced work schedule, sports competitions have been banned, services in churches and mosques have been cancelled and cinemas and cafes have been closed. Residents are instructed to observe the self-isolation regime and only leave their homes if absolutely necessary.

Statistics show that since 21 February a total of 79,529 Lebanese have been diagnosed with Coronavirus. A total of 40,352 people have recovered and the number of deaths has reached 625.